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Middle School

This programme focuses on intellectual and social development. Our three-pronged approach concentrates on developing the students’ study skills, emphasizing the importance of community service and the environment and stressing the value of health and social education.In keeping with Khaldunia’s philosophy, the programme embraces yet transcends traditional school subjects; accentuating language skills, we place fundamental importance on the acquisition of both English and Urdu for effective oral and written communication.

Core subjects include languages, maths, integrated sciences, environmental and social studies, religious knowledge, the arts and information technology. The language of instruction is English although Urdu is taught with equal vigour.

Great importance is given to experiential learning, the development of a clear understanding of concepts and free expression. Students are exposed to a wide range of ideas through educational trips, guest speakers, project and research oriented work.Drama, role play, field trips and the use of multi-media brings scientific, historical and geographical concepts to life.

The High School Programme

At Khaldunia students are prepared for the O Level examination of the University of Cambridge.  While recognizing the importance of the demands of public examinations at eh secondary level, Khaldunia does not believe in teaching just to exams: remaining within the broad parameters of the University’s syllabus and observing governmental regulations, we offer a broader curriculum embracing the two great learning traditions – the humanities and the sciences

Fostering creativity:

The O level programme is geared to cater for a wide range of subject choices.  9th Grade students are expected to take certain core subjects as well as several optional ones. To allow students to prepare for up to 10, 11, 12 and even 13 O levels, they sit three compulsory subjects in the year prior to their finals, leaving them with the sciences and their optional papers in the final year in June.

Thus literature enthusiasts are able to pursue the sciences and budding scientists can take up the challenge of a diet of the arts – a growing requirement of good universities.Interlinked with the core, students are exposed to the dramatic arts, music and Art/design and environmental conservation.
Physical education includes the basic concepts of health and hygiene as well as individual and team sports.

Core subjects include:

O Level Results And After

In the last fifteen years, 14 batches of students have sat the University of Cambridge O level examination and our overall results have been spectacular – some 93% of all students have obtained A*, A and B grades with the preponderance being A and above.
In addition, excellent individual records too have been made:

  • students attaining up to 13 A’s.
  • High Achiever Awards in Additional Maths, Economics, History and Literature
  • The 7 and 8 Best Across Cambridge O levels Awards,
  • some have gone on to achieve such distinctions even in A levels.
  • scholarships and placement in the prestigious UWC (United World Colleges)
  • International Baccalaureate programme and gone to places as diverse as Swaziland, Hongkong and Wales, UK.
  • admission to famous universities within the country and abroad including: University College, London, Royal Holloway and the University of Hull in the UK, the University of New South Wales, Australia, Hampshire College, Hamilton College, Dartmouth, Purdue, the University of Maryland and the University of Chicago in the US and at LUMS and GIK in Pakistan.
  • Masters programmes from different universities abroad including Cornell and Harvard, MPhil from Cambridge (UK), PhD at the University of Illinois

We can even report of burgeoning families as some of our old students embark into marriage and parenthood! The Student Council has inaugurated an alumni association and we welcome feedback from our erstwhile students.

The Compulsory And The Optional

Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat are mandatory subjects by order of the Government of Pakistan. Only foreign nationals or holders of foreign passports may choose not to appear for these.
In addition, students may prepare for two/three of the following:
• Additional Mathematics, Art and Design, Business Studies, Economics, Literature in English, Modern History.


Basic Mathematics is compulsory and Additional Mathematics is optional.

Experimental Sciences

Physics, Chemistry and Biology – students must sit at least two science subjects or take one natural science and opt for one of the following: Computer Science or Environmental Management


English, Urdu