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At Khaldunia, education is more than what is learnt in the classroom. Learning occurs anywhere and any time as students carry the excitement of intellectual and personal discovery and the spirit of adventure and participation from the classroom into all phases of school life.

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Students seeking admission must initially register at the office for test and interview. A small non-refundable registration fee is charged to cover clerical costs.

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The School organizes different events for students to make them mentally and physically healthy.

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Classes run from pre-school – Reception –  to O Levels.  Young children learn and assimilate information rapidly.

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Extended curriculum: beyond the classroom: caring and sharing, bringing the world to Khaldunia and outreach.

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The school library has a large variety of reading and resource material. We subscribe to suitable publications and continue to build up both our reading and audio-visual resources Read More


The importance of hands-on experience to promote scientific enquiry and understanding cannot be overstressed. Two well equipped laboratories have been designed specifically to cater Read More


Khaldunia became part of a new international project in June 2011 the International Inspiration Young Leaders Programme sponsored by the British Council, Youth Sport Trust (UK), UNICEF and UK Sports Read More

Ms. Farukh Pracha

Students need a wide range of learning experiences: doing, seeing, watching, reading, discussing, talking, listening, writing, recording, investigating, experimenting, creating, trying out, problem solving. The potential of our students is often left unrealized because of the paucity of healthy pedagogical practices found in most classrooms and schools.The capacity of every child to discover and create is boundless. It is essential to encourage the development of students’ skills, learning and understanding through exposure to all spheres of the educational experience. Every student is a unique being who requires a positive environment of openness, tolerance and acceptance in which to develop his or her fullest intellectual and emotional potential. Khaldunia endeavours to provide an atmosphere which respects diversity and helps students gain a positive image of themselves at all levels of achievement.

It is to express this belief that we have chosen our motto:
“every child, every chance…every day.”