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Annual Events


The School recognizes the achievements of students in various fields of endeavour by awarding certificates of merit and prizes for outstanding academic and extra curricular achievements. At the annual convocation ceremony, students of the outgoing class are awarded their certificates and medals for academic achievement while a special medal – the Mahmood Chaudhry medal for academic excellence is reserved for the student to obtain the best academic result.

The Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Medal is awarded to the Student of the Year – the student who has distinguished her or himself for academic and extra curricular achievements. The Omar Asghar Khan Memorial Medal is awarded to the student who has made most notable progress over the years.

Our chief guests comprise intellectuals, poets, scholars and people who have distinguished themselves in the field of letters to deliver the keynote address. Recent speakers have included the Director of HRCP Mr. I. A. Rahman, the noted mathematician and comic actor Mr. Shoaib Hashmi, human rights activist Ms. Nasreen Azhar, poet and writer Mr. Iftikhar Arif, physicists Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy and Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, linguist Dr Tariq Rahman and defence specialist Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, renowned journalists such as, Mr. Imtiaz Alam and Ms. Fouzia Saeed, Executive Director of the Cultural heritage Centre, Lok Virsa.

An Art and Craft Fair

An Art and Craft Fair and a Science fair are held yearly to nurture the creative streak.  Students from the younger classes prepare a display of the work done during the course of the year and explain to visitors the scientific ideas they embody.  Older students prepare projects, working models and charts to illustrate a particular concept. Some memorable displays featured a demonstration of 1st graders converting ‘floaters’ into ‘sinkers’; 4th graders with a solar oven, 6th graders with a working model of wind energy harnessed to create electrical energy, 9th graders with a hovercraft and  the 11th graders with a pneumatic hoist.  Again, the aim is to encourage students to think beyond the textbook.

Outside the School: field trips

Field trips are arranged regularly – apart from the usual Safari park, wildlife park etc., students have visited the SUNGI schools in Hazara and the NWFP, the Khewra Salt Mines, Takhtbai to see the Buddhist ruins, Sialkot to visit the industrial units there, Taxila to visit the ruins and the Heavy Mechanical Complex, Kamra Air Base, and Mangla and Tarbela Dams among a host of others. In conjunction with the Adventure Foundation, overnight trips have involved both the upper elementary and middle schools in camping trips in the environs of Islamabad and further north.  The senior school students have undertaken more adventurous tours – Gilgit and the Hunza Valley, Skardu and the Satpara Lake, the Kaghan Valley and a camping trip to the Deosai National Park with the Himalayan Wildlife Project. A notable trip abroad in 2001 took students to India to visit schools and promote peace and friendship with the young people there and in 2011 this was repeated when Khaldunia represented Pakistan in a visit to India to celebrate Faiz’s centenary and Tagore’s 150th birthday under the aegis of UNESCO and Funkor.

We gratefully acknowledge the help of parents and friends who have made these possible. In fact, participation and support from the School parent body is highly appreciated and encouraged.