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During this stage of development, children learn and assimilate information rapidly, and express interest and fascination in each new discovery. These qualities make them prime candidates for education.

There are three widely accepted different areas of development for children:


Social / Emotional Development, which involves the development of feelings and affection. Preschool-age children are beginning to develop the concept of empathy.


Cognitive Development is the development of the mind and memory.


Physical Development, the growth of body and strength.

Keeping these important aspects in mind, Khaldunia’s Elementary School Programme is aimed at focusing on the observation and development of a range of behaviors that occur in daily conversations, activities, and responses to learning opportunities.  Children are strongly encouraged to:

be observant & ask thoughtful questions
develop increasingly extensive vocabularies and use increasingly complex sentence structure in discussion and elaborate on ideas
become interested in reading
solve problems in unique ways
use previously learned things in new contexts and order things in logical sequence
work independently and take initiative
participate in art, music, or creative dramatics

A child might not show prowess in all of the above characteristics all the time, but parents and professionals will generally see a pattern when observing them over an extended period of time.