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The Inspiration

Eqbal Ahmad

Eqbal Ahmad was a Pakistani writer, journalist, and anti-war activist. He was strongly critical of the Middle East strategy of the United States as well as what he saw as the “curses” of nationalism and religious fanaticism in such countries as Pakistan. As a tribute to his fearlessness, outspokenness and belief in critical thinking, Khaldunia is a part of his vision: an educational institution where young people of Pakistan can pursue the excellence in education that is denied them in more conventional schools – where thinking, questioning and independent inquiry is the hallmark. His legacy is memorialized each year at the annual Convocation when the Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Medal for Student of the Year is awarded to students who meet the stringent criteria.

Eqbal Ahmad (1933/34 – May 11, 1999)

M. A. K. Chaudhry

Mr. Chaudhry was a former Federal Secretary to the Government of Pakistan. He played an active role in promoting education in the public sector, particularly furthering the cause of the education of child labourers and the education of the disabled for which he received a lifetime recognition award from the Punjab Government. He was also Chairman of the National Economics Foundation which runs the Lahore School of Economics, a prestigious university chartered by the Government of the Punjab. A staunch supporter of Khaldunia, he was instrumental in helping the school obtain land for its purpose built campus and provided the main impetus to the project. An outstanding student in his youth, a memorial medal for Academic Excellence has been instituted in his name and was first awarded in November 2011.

M. A. K. Chaudhry (1924-2011)