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Enrollment Procedures

Students seeking admission must initially register at the office for test and interview. A small non-refundable registration fee is charged to cover clerical costs. Registration by itself does not guarantee admission which is subject to the successful completion of the entrance formalities i.e. passing the test and interview stage and paying the initial fees inclusive of a non-refundable admission fee and a refundable security deposit. An annual charge is also made to cover the cost of stationery and art materials, photocopies, field trips etc. incurred during the year.

The School reserves the right to accept or refuse any admission without assigning any reason.

One month’s notice is required for students seeking withdrawal. Alternatively, one month’s fee is payable in lieu of notice.

A student is deemed withdrawn upon completion of his/ her education after having sat the final O or A level examination. Students may be asked to withdraw if they are absent for a period of one month without prior notice or leave being granted. Finally, students whose fees remain unpaid for two consecutive months without acceptable explanation will automatically stand withdrawn, the security deposit being used to cover the outstanding amount.