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The Founders

Farukh S Pracha – Principal

Educated both in Pakistan and abroad, with specializations in Islamic History and Education, Farukh has taught in well known educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Africa and Pakistan. Her teaching experience encompasses a diverse range of subjects at all levels of schooling. In Pakistan, she headed both primary and secondary branches of a leading private school chain for a number of years. In addition to administrative management, she established a variety of teaching methodologies and teaching protocols in both establishments.

Hajra Ahmed – Director of Studies

Hajra’s educational experience encompasses a unique blend of teaching and administration in various executive positions. She taught in secondary schools in the United States before joining a well-known private school chain in Pakistan. During the past twenty-seven years, she has held the posts of senior teacher, academic coordinator and principal and was actively involved in administration, management and teacher training. She holds a B.A. from Harvard and an M.A from Northeastern University in the US. Currently, she is on sabbatical but remains in close touch with the management and staff at Khaldunia.

Kausar Ahmad

One of the original Directors and founders of Khaldunia, Kausar who specialized in elementary learning, has since retired from active teaching and moved to Lahore. She remains a valuable sounding board and is in touch with the management.

The Directors

Mr. Aslam Hameed – Director Finance

Aslam joins Khaldunia after a lifetime spent in the finance sector and has been involved with the school since its launch. Recently he joined the school as Director Finance and was extremely active in – virtually single-handedly – supervising the construction of the new campus. He is involved closely with the financial well being of the institution and oversees general administration on a day-today basis as well

Ms. Amina Aslam – Coordinator Extra Curricular Activities

Amina holds a MBA in HR and BS in Environmental Science and worked with the WWF before joining Khaldunia. She has a considerable contribution in putting Khaldunia on the debates circuit and the MUN map within the city and in Lahore.